What Makes Clickbait, Clickbait ?

Martin : What makes clickbait, clickbait ?

Roger : Why isn’t that obvious, it’s the tiles that “baits” users into clicking them ?

Martin : Well, yeah sure. But what makes clickbait special ?

Roger : Isn’t that what I just said, it’s the the clickbaity titles that sets it apart.

Martin : Isn’t there more to it than that though ?

Roger : What more is there to it ? clickbait is clickbait, I don’t understand what you’re on about ?

Martin : Do you think clickbait is good ?

Roger : Clickbait is horrible, it has ruined the internet. Maybe, unless you’re a publisher who’ll get more traffic and ad revenue.

Martin : Roger, do think clickbait has negative connotations attached to it.

Roger : Yes.

Martin : Do you think that’ll go away if they delivered on the promise.

Roger : What do you mean ?

Martin : I mean if,  I mean if they, I mean if they deliver on the promise of clickbait, will that solve the problem.

Roger : What are you yapping on about ? I have  to go catch the bus, get to the point, will you ?

Martin : You know if, if you click the link and are satisfied with the result does that still count as clickbait ?

Roger : The title will still be clickbaity but the article won’t be, if that makes any sense. Martin I have to go now.

Martin : Hey, Shirley,  What makes clickbait, clickbait ?

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