Adobe Will Definitely Be A Long Term Buy For Me

With the growing popularity of Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom and Premiere Pro coupled with Adobe’s subscription based revenue model, I would definitely think Adobe stock will grow much bigger in the future.

Adobe currently has a Price to Earnings ratio of 53.10, I think the stock can hold a much higher P/E of 75. A 75 P/E would equate to $360 share price so I would certainly buy this stock for anything under $300.

Just to put this in perspective Netflix has a P/E of 143. And undoubtedly the number one most-desired career among young people today is being a youtuber, which means using Adobe products like Photoshop and Premier Pro. Even if most of them don’t end up becoming full time youtubers, they’ll still give it a whirl, that means they’ll be on a Adobe Creative cloud subscription.

To close it out, here is a disclosure at the time of writing the post I do not hold any Adobe stock. I also want to convey I’m not an expert at this field, and investing means risk, invest at your own risk.

Buy on Twitter

I’ll put a buy on Twitter at the current price of $31.93 with a Target of $42 before the end of the year.

Stock Price as on 11 Aug 2018 courtesy Google 

The drop in share price is due to the markets reacting to Twitter taking down fake accounts, I don’t think fake accounts actually brought in any ad revenue to the company. When the markets realize this, I’m sure the price of the stock will bounce back. The target of $42 is conservative, stock could have much higher upside.


I do not own any Twitter stock nor am I an expert in this subject. Invest at your own risk.

Fix – HDMI CEC Stopped Working after Plugging in Cable Box

HDMI-CEC is a optional spec, so some equipment manufacturers don’t implement HDMI-CEC.

HDMI-CEC signals are sent to Pin 13 as you can see in the diagram above.

Plugging in non HDMI-CEC compliant device into your AV setup shouldn’t mess with your current HDMI-CEC setup but some equipment manufacturers who don’t adopt the optional HDMI-CEC  spec sent garbage voltages through pin 13 which confuses the rest of your setup and stops HDMI-CEC from working on all your other equipment.

The quick and simple fix to this is to bend pin 13 on the HDMI cable which is going to be connected to the offending device in such a way that it does not make contact with the HDMI port of the said offending device. This is easier said than done but with a lot a patience and testing you will be able to fix this issue.

Another option is to buy HDMI-CEC less HDMI cables ie HDMI cables with Pin 13 absent or internally disconnected.I haven’t tried any of these cables but bending the pin 13 is effective as this.

Hope this helps if you any questions a drop a comment down below and I’ll get back to you.

The Income Tax

Love them or hate them you have to pay them, I believe everybody should pay the same amount of Income Tax, when I say same amount, I mean the the amount, and not the same percentage, for example $7,000. So each individual citizen will pay $7000 to the Federal government .

Under the current Tax Regime the federal government earns 2.2 Trillion Dollars from the Income Tax, and there are about 319 Million people in the US. So, if we divide the total tax income by the number of citizens be get an amount just south of $7,000.

The obvious problem with this system is that everybody doesn’t have $7,000 a year to pay as taxes. Almost half the population in the US makes less than $30,000 a year and almost 10 million people make less than 10,000 Dollars a year, so they can’t really afford to pay $7,000 in Taxes.

I still believe the ideal system is one in which everybody pays the same amount, everybody is equal before the law, everybody gets the same government, why should some people have to pay more. It’s not like you get more services if you pay more. In an Ideal system a poor street urchin and the richest person in the city should be treated with the equal care by the government.

A compromise I would be happy with is one where the poor would get tax breaks according to their income, the poorest will get the highest tax break and the richest will get the least, but who will finance the tax break ? For that problem to be solved we’ll have to increase the Tax amount. After all of that is adjusted this system will almost be identical to the current progressive Tax system but the underlying Ideal system will be visible and will give the Taxpayers some perspective.

I also believe Individual Income Tax and Corporate Income Tax should be the only taxes we have to pay, but I’ll write about that later.

Netflix’s Iron Fist

I was pretty pissed when I heard, reviewers were dissing the show because the lead was a white male, It’s kind of ridiculous to think our fight against racism has led us to racism, maybe that is just the horseshoe theory for you. I have watched 7 episodes of the show, the Iron fist has a slow start, just like all of Netflix’s Marvel Shows, I didn’t find it particularly slower or faster. From the outset the show seemed like a “regular TV show”, it didn’t have the grit or “realism ” of the rest of Netflix’s marvel shows, but that necessarily isn’t a bad thing. I just wanted to point that out. I image when you are working with a Kung Fu master billionaire who has descended from heaven it’s hard to achieve the same vibe as the rest of the shows. I got through the first six episodes neither feeling it was a great show or a horrible show, but the seventh episode was bullshit. The feeling that I came out with, after watching the episode was this bullshit, bullshit is bullshit. It was not like a bad plot twist, or anything of that sort, but it was that, I didn’t like the whole episode, it felt cheesy and crappy, having seen the seventh episode, I don’t feel like I’m going to watch the rest now, don’t get me wrong, I’ll watch it in the future but I just don’t know when I’ll get to it , probably before the Defenders come out.

The one gripe that stands out above all the rest, of which there are a lot, is where a plot point revolves around killing the bad guy, I do agree superheros shouldn’t be in the business of killing bad guys but in the situation that was in the episode, I didn’t feel there was a argument to be had there and I felt all this bullshit was bulshit and I had better things to do than hear this meaningless yapping.

In the second world war if the allies felt they had to fight the war without killing any enemy combatants, we wouldn’t have won the war, all the allied soldiers would have given their lives in vain and a massive amount of civilians would’ve been killed. All this hippie love crap should stop somewhere, people should start living in the real world where decisions have to be taken that wouldn’t need to taken in an Ideal world.

I know the Iron fist is in a make believe world but whatever world it’s in, this bullshit is bullshit.

Is Marrying Your Devices The Future of Digital Privacy

According to Republican Congressmen Steve King, the Obergefell Supreme Court  Ruling implies that you’ll be able to marry a Lawnmower.  He asserts this by citing the discussion he had with a lawyer versed in the matter, during which the Lawyer stated you no longer need two Individuals to get married, and this meant that you could marry your lawnmower.

I had a strong, Christian lawyer tell me yesterday that, under this decision that he has read, what it brings about is: It only requires one human being in this relationship—that you could marry your your lawnmower with this decision. I think he’s right.

– Rep. Steve King

Marriage has a special status associated with it, it comes with a lot of Rights and benefits like :

  • Supplemental Security Income
  • Property tax exemption for homes
  • Income tax deductions, credits, rates exemption
  • Tax-free transfer of property between spouses
  • Court notice of probate proceedings
  • Existing homestead lease continuation of rights
  • Funeral and bereavement leave
  • Joint adoption and foster care
  • Joint filing of taxes
  • Spousal privilege in court cases
  • Right to change surname upon marriage
  • Right to enter into prenuptial agreement
  • Right to inheritance of property

What is interesting here is

  • ♦ Spousal privilege in court cases

The Supreme Court has recognized two types of spousal privileges:

1) Testimonial privilege: in criminal cases, one spouse may refuse to testify against his/her defendant spouse.

2) Communications privilege: in both criminal and civil cases, communications between spouses during the marriage are privileged.

This means that your spouse can’t be made to testify against you. This is the Fifth amendment’s protection for individuals from incriminating themselves extended to your spouse.

This means that an Individual who has married his Phone/PC can now use his spousal privilege to stop the authorities from using their device to incriminate themselves. This has one definite drawback, you can only marry one phone or person, unless the Obergefell Ruling also implies you can have one than one person in a marriage. So you can imagine a future in which individuals are married to a human partner his phone, his computer and more digital devices, as more and more devices start joining your household in the future.

Privacy and Digital Rights activists have been fighting for a long time for the fifth amendment guaranteed  protection from self incrimination to be extended to a person’s phone, this means that an individual’s phone not be used to incriminate themselves. If Republican congressmen Steve King is right, this may be another way to achieve the same goal.

What Makes Clickbait, Clickbait ?

Martin : What makes clickbait, clickbait ?

Roger : Why isn’t that obvious, it’s the tiles that “baits” users into clicking them ?

Martin : Well, yeah sure. But what makes clickbait special ?

Roger : Isn’t that what I just said, it’s the the clickbaity titles that sets it apart.

Martin : Isn’t there more to it than that though ?

Roger : What more is there to it ? clickbait is clickbait, I don’t understand what you’re on about ?

Martin : Do you think clickbait is good ?

Roger : Clickbait is horrible, it has ruined the internet. Maybe, unless you’re a publisher who’ll get more traffic and ad revenue.

Martin : Roger, do think clickbait has negative connotations attached to it.

Roger : Yes.

Martin : Do you think that’ll go away if they delivered on the promise.

Roger : What do you mean ?

Martin : I mean if,  I mean if they, I mean if they deliver on the promise of clickbait, will that solve the problem.

Roger : What are you yapping on about ? I have  to go catch the bus, get to the point, will you ?

Martin : You know if, if you click the link and are satisfied with the result does that still count as clickbait ?

Roger : The title will still be clickbaity but the article won’t be, if that makes any sense. Martin I have to go now.

Martin : Hey, Shirley,  What makes clickbait, clickbait ?

I don’t understand the appeal of Casey Neistat

I’ve always found Casey Neistat’s videos extremely click baity and overall uninteresting. I feel his videos are long and boring, with nothing happening in them and after watching his videos, I’m always left with the feeling that thats some time I’ll never get back in my life.

But, I feel that is the case with most click baity videos on youtube. I’m not asking the question, why clickbait works ? it’s obvious why clickbait works it promises you something interesting in return of clicking it and who doesn’t like something interesting.  My question isn’t why people watch his videos on youtube but why do people I respect and people I feel are smart and intelligent, who I thought would feel the same about him praise him, why do these people think Casey Neistat is a big deal ? What am I missing here ? Is there are another deeper level for his videos, what ever I’ve seen of him repels me.