How to Fix an Xbox One Controller with Buggy inputs.

The solution is to blow on it, this might sound strange but it actually worked for me. My Right Bumper wasn’t working properly, it would only register some of my inputs. I did some digging and I found this weird fix, I was skeptical at first but I gave it a try and it did […]

Adobe Will Definitely Be A Long Term Buy For Me

With the growing popularity of Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom and Premiere Pro coupled with Adobe’s subscription based revenue model, I would definitely think Adobe stock will grow much bigger in the future. Adobe currently has a Price to Earnings ratio of 53.10, I think the stock can hold a much higher P/E of 75. A 75 […]

Is Marrying Your Devices The Future of Digital Privacy

According to Republican Congressmen Steve King, the Obergefell Supreme Court ┬áRuling implies that you’ll be able to marry a Lawnmower. ┬áHe asserts this by citing the discussion he had with a lawyer versed in the matter, during which the Lawyer stated you no longer need two Individuals to get married, and this meant that you […]