The Best Replacement for The Sony RM-GD032 Remote

The RM-YD102 is the best high quality replacement remote I’ve found for the Sony RM-GD032 now that Sony has stopped selling the RM-GD032 for Sony 3D TV owners. Other than a couple buttons being moved around plus some omissions the YD102 is a near perfect replica of the GD032. You can check the images to […]

Fix – HDMI CEC Stopped Working after Plugging in Cable Box

HDMI-CEC is a optional spec, so some equipment manufacturers don’t implement HDMI-CEC. HDMI-CEC signals are sent to Pin 13 as you can see in the diagram above. Plugging in non HDMI-CEC compliant device into your AV setup shouldn’t mess with your current HDMI-CEC setup but some equipment manufacturers who don’t adopt the optional HDMI-CEC spec […]