I don’t understand the appeal of Casey Neistat

I’ve always found Casey Neistat’s videos extremely click baity and overall uninteresting. I feel his videos are long and boring, with nothing happening in them and after watching his videos, I’m always left with the feeling that thats some time I’ll never get back in my life.

But, I feel that is the case with most click baity videos on youtube. I’m not asking the question, why clickbait works ? it’s obvious why clickbait works it promises you something interesting in return of clicking it and who doesn’t like something interesting.  My question isn’t why people watch his videos on youtube but why do people I respect and people I feel are smart and intelligent, who I thought would feel the same about him praise him, why do these people think Casey Neistat is a big deal ? What am I missing here ? Is there are another deeper level for his videos, what ever I’ve seen of him repels me.

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